by Wild Trees

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Recorded and mixed by Jared Barnes at Swadley Studios.
Additional engineering by Ben Norton.
Mastered by Corban Roberts at Tessitura Studios.

Album art by Marisa Prado.

The most sincere of thanks go to the Denver music scene and the tremendous people/bands that help it to exist and thrive, our friends and family, and you, thanks for listening.


released August 3, 2016

Keenan Goodwine - Guitar, vocals
Jared Barnes - Bass, vocals
Paul Duncan - Drums
Ben Norton - Guitar

All music by Wild Trees.
All words by Jared Barnes and Keenan Goodwine.



all rights reserved


Wild Trees Denver, Colorado

Indie / Emo / Punk / Pop Punk / Whatever from Denver Colorado.

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Track Name: Drift
My eyelids close too fast to catch you drifting away
Is it too late to change the past?
Is it too late to move on?
Blinded by the subtle ways you disguise
Is it too late to say goodbye?
Is it too late to let go?

Cause I'm fighting my way back home
Smoky eyes to choke the air from my throat

When every word you said was keeping us afloat
Every syllable bowed until it broke
You leave my side while I sleep
A quiet trip through memories I couldn't keep

Memories I couldn't keep

When every word you said was keeping us afloat
Track Name: Restless
Breathe in
Open your eyes to the feeling
Did it change anything at all
And I saw you there through the trees
Dancing silently next to me

Why can't we wait for it?
It's motionless, it's motionless
Wait for all to see
It's motionless, it's motionless

So take my steady hand we'll fall through the leaves

Is it me this time?
No longer mine
And no I don't hate you
I just can't stand to
Track Name: Paralysis
Sleepwalking in my dreams
Past shadows of what of we used to be
Left me picking up every piece
To put together what was in between

My body rests but I can't sleep
If I lay here would I stop to breathe
Red lips with whispers of deceit
Brushes my skin with cold heat

Paralyzed and I can't speak
Can't seem to give what you seek
Slipped away with all those careless things you said out loud to me
Track Name: Wounds
Who knew that I'd be moving mountains just to find vacant thoughts closing around my mind
Who knew that I'd become a shell of what I was once before
I'm not half the man I'd hoped to become
I just can't seem to think of anything to say
No more than a passing phrase

I know it hurts to bathe the wound so just try to find peace of mind
To breathe now

Who knew we'd try to hide the scars left upon our lips
From empty words that covered every thought that was never really there

The truth was never as it seemed
Honesty trapped me

Keep breathing now
Track Name: Lost Cause
Take off it's better to break than bond
Shake words right off your skin
Like a bad habit
Brush me off

And if I'm just a lost cause
I'll just bite my tongue

Are you hearing all the things I say?
Do you feel my disdain?
Feeling your warmth leave my side
Regret comes with time